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COVID solution

Ermetris CoViD solution monitors the occupation of the vehicles by counting passengers and issuing an alarm when the maximum number of passengers allowed in the vehicles is reached

Solution Components

Termoscanner : our products Efesto takes a Matrix of temperature track the people and gives and alarm via Audio (little spekaer) and visual with red led blinking when the temperature is more than  37.5° , this data is sent via RS485 also to an on board computer to manage the data. The Efesto Termoscanner is installed in each door in the ceiling.

Passenger Counter: the device takes the in and out data and gives it to a control unit to monitor the occupancy. The passenger counter is installed in each door in the ceiling.

Control Unit : Our Magneto Gateway take the data from The passenger counter and termoscanner, manages it and send it to the AVM or in the central room via GPRS or WiFi, The magneto has inside also a GPS, Accelerometer and Gyrometer. Tanks to this device Ermetris can measure the occupancy of the bus and show a led red blinking when maximum is reached.

Fast solution and Installation: Ermetris provides the complete solution including wiring and installation services.

Ermetris COVIDS at Television