Automatic Passenger Counting System


Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs) are devices that automatically count the number of passengers as they board and alight vehicles at each stop along a route.

The benefits of APCs come both in a reduced cost to collect ridership information and in an increase in the amount and quality of data collected. APCs eliminate the need for manual data checks and provide greater accuracy than manual counting. APCs can be used by transit agencies to meet NTD data reporting requirements, for tracking ridership data, for improving system on-time performance, and to maximize operational efficiencies.

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Ermetris developed the ERIS APC (ERmetris Integrated System) solution which introduces in your company an innovative way on the management and control of the service thanks to real passengers data flow and with an advanced software ables to provide traffic statistic data prediction.

ERIS APC allows you to:

  • Analyse the vehicle load for every service line, with filter for days, hours, kind of day, etc
  • Evaluation of the service provided to the citizens
  • Fleet optimization
  • Service scheduling
  • Time table optimization
  • Fraud detection , comparing ticket data with real passenger in
  • Real passenger data to provide to Authorities for certification of the service

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ERIS APC: solution components

Ermetris provide the sensors which are installed in each door. The sensors are connected to the on board computer where there is installed the ERIS APC business logic software. 

The data are sent to the ERIS APC server or appliance installed in your facilities, through GPRS or/and WiFi.  The ERIS APC Statistics software can be installed in your offices or we can do the hosting. It will generate the automatic report as you need.

Ermetris provide the turnkey solution, which can include also the installation and maintenance.

ERIS APC Statistics your reporting software

ERIS APC Statistics is the software solution proposed by Ermetris to facilitate the creation, visualization and export of statistical reports and graphs from data received from passenger counting or counting people devices. Moreover you can use ERIS APC Statistics also with general purpose data different from those for which the software has been designed. In that way you can have a software for generating general purpose statistics. Basically the software ERIS APC Statistics is installed on a server where the data are sent from the field. The software provide the following features: 

  • Administrator interface to configure the software and create the necessary reports according to the specific requirements, in a simple and fast way 
  • User interface to view the predefined reports
  • Interoperability with different database such MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access
  • Import data through spreadsheets and CSV local or remote
  • Dynamic loading of data received from counting devices, whether they are in standard or custom format
  • Possible management , monitoring and configuration of on board system

ERIS APC Statistics software is available also as SaaS (Software as a service), installed in our cloud, the customer has a webpage where he can see the data and statistics coming from the data gateway installed in each train or bus

98%+ accuracy with stereoscopic optical system technology!

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