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Growing with the People


Ermetris looks further ,  with the prospect of develop  a system  moving on the territory with  the intention to create a network between Enterprises and territory, because, even if Ermetris operates mostly abroad an ambitious goal would be to create a railway district, helping the development of the territory and all the parties involved, this vision is not limited only to the business sector but extends to all sectors, including   the schools with the Ermetris Academy project, Sport, sponsoring the Ermetris Dinamo basketball team and   and other sponsorship initiatives, including local emerging music groups.

Creating a symbiosis with the territory, Ermetris stands as a sort of model for other companies, to create a local network where business, school and territory work together in the same direction.


Currently the market has migrated to a phase of continuous research of high specialization and innovation, the customer not only wants to buy only a product or a service, but also the information that can be provided through the implementation of high added value solutions, specific to the context in which it operates.

Ermetris’ mission is to act as an international supplier, leader in products and services with a high technological content, in order to represent a reference company for the knowledge and specific expertise in the coverage markets.

Ermetris  business’s  is developed in partnership with dynamic and established industrial realities of excellence in the various sectors of embedded technologies and networking, which share with the Organization the policies of technological innovation in the integration of the systems.

Ermetris  wants to distinguish for:


Product and process innovation

Quality and improved efficiency

Social responsibility